Photo by Annika Yanura

Meet our team!


Our team consists of two women: the founder Mika Weber and the production manager Marlies Heinzelmann. We met at fashion school and completed the same training. We then attended the master school for bespoke tailoring together.
During the master year we developed our company concept and worked on prototypes, logo designs and much more. Managing the master school and the company at the same time presented us with some challenges. Nevertheless, after graduating, we were able to hit the ground running in the company. Now we can concentrate on the brand with full commitment and passion.

Mika Luise Weber


I converted to Islam in 2018 at the age of 19. Little by little I became interested in clothing that conforms to Islam. Because of my strong interest in fashion, I always had the urge to try new things and develop myself further. I quickly realized that the sports and swimwear sector presents us hijabis with a challenge. Too tight, too short or no alternative at all were often my only options. I didn't want to be satisfied with that. I have made it my mission to develop swimwear for us hijabis. It's long enough, doesn't stick, doesn't make swimming unnecessarily difficult and is still fashionable - and the result is our Mijam.

Marlies Heinzelmann

Production Manager